Make your next trip Less stressful and more Fun

Will be the greatest way of condensing your bulky sweaters and jackets to be able to fit in a carry-on only bag. This 8 pack has 3 different sizes for all your bulky winter packing gear. The color-coded zippers and see-through body will help you quickly identify what’s inside.

1.   Know TSA requirements

Nothing liquid, gel or jelly-like over 3 oz. This includes fancy jams and liquor. Also watch out for anything that looks like a weapon, including toy guns, but according to the TSA website, Harry Potter wands are ok. Some sporting goods are banned entirely.

E-NIXI MAGAZINE: Pack, Zip & Roll | Make Traveling a Breeze This Holiday Season

The suitcase weighed exactly 47.5 pounds when I left for South Beach last spring, barely passing the “one free bag” option on my flight. Returning, however, was a different story; somehow that 47.5-pound bag was now almost 60 pounds. What could I have possibly added that weighed so much in just a few days? As I wiped the tears running down my face and handed an already maxed-out credit card to the attendant, I was finally on my way home.